Unique and Creative Ideas for Garden Stepladder

Unique and Creative Ideas for Garden Stepladder

Homiful.com -- Using a ladder for a garden or home garden is very potential and interesting if you try it. With stairs, you can also save on the placement of plants that you can place in the corner of the room to the outside. This idea is also a way to multiply the garden space at home, which you can easily see in this review:

Vertical staircase garden


This idea is perfect for you to do and cleverly takes your home page a step further. Although this ladder uses shabby wood, you can design the selection of clay pots and succulent plants.

Activate indoor stairs


If the previous idea was to choose an outdoor area, you can bring a plant ladder into the room to reactivate the decor at home. Some ornamental plants, that are in small pots you can prepare evenly and neatly. Use a variety of pots to give a visually beautiful room.

Select the area near the window


Plants live in light to help their growth. With a plant ladder, you can place it near the window as seen. Even some plant arrangements can be chosen by the type of hanging plant that hangs down and is more dominant.

DIY planting


Create a DIY plant ladder that you can make yourself with your family. Vertical stairs will hold a lot of plants to the bottom. You can use some used canvas paintings as a plant bed to select plants that are super easy to grow and tolerant of all room conditions.

Tiered vertical stairs


Make a ladder plant stand with a ladder model like this that you can fully use. The arrangement can be chosen from flowering plants to herbal plants. Take advantage of unused shabby wood for plant tools.

Open staircase with lots of space


The last idea will be an interesting choice for you to try. This open and terraced shelf model will give a tropical impression because of the choice of green leafy plants and easy to grow such as snake plant, philodendron, Calathea to vines.

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