Top 8 Desert Plants for Your Home and Garden -- There is something unique and prominent about desert plants. They have amazing adaptability. Some have been said as hardy plants, drought-tolerant plants and so on. Its adaptability is easy, making many desert plants to grow well even in fertile areas, but surely with proper care.

If you are looking for plants that don't die easily, we recommend desert plants. What are they? Discover on Top 8 Desert Plants for Your Home and Garden.

1. Cactus


You must be familiar with cacti. Not only in the desert, this fleshy and prickly plant can grow anywhere, as long as you provide them cactus soil planting media and give them infrequent watering schedule. This will make the cactus plant not rotten quickly.

2. Paddle plant


Paddle plant is also known as Kalanchoe paddle or Kalanchoe thyrsiflora. This plant native to Africa, with smooth texture and foliage that forms a stunning rosette. The reddish color is so pretty, perfect for adding a vibrant color to the plain gravel garden like this one.

3. Fox Tail Agave


Agave is one of the desert plants that give a fresh and strong impression. They can grow large with a fresh green foliage. One that you should not miss is this charming fox tail agave. The shape of this plant is so beautiful, perfect as an eye-catching focal point in your garden. The fox tail agave only love full sun for 6-8 hours daily. Place them in a shade area is also a good option.

4. Desert Marigold


You should know that many desert plants produce flowers. One of them is this desert marigold. This plant has bright yellow flowers as seem as ordinary marigold. The yellow flowers are perfect for brightening and making a desert garden look happy. They really like areas that get 6 to 8 hours full sun per a day.

5. Texas Sage


Another desert plant with pretty flowers. Texas sage is a great choice for creating a lush natural borders. The lush purple flowers and green leaves, it will give you a stunning natural beauty look. Texas sage is a drought-tolerant plant, you better give them water once every week for about three weeks. Too much watering will cause them to die.

6. Pencil plant


Pencil plant or Euphorbia tirucalli has been widely grown as houseplant and even an indoor plant. As the name implies, this plant is so unique with a shape like pencils sticking out of the pot. Native to Africa, pencil plant better be watered once in the summer.

7. Living stone


Living stone is lithop. This plant does look like a stone, if you don't look closely. This is a desert succulent type that is often used as a complement for a terrarium or gravel garden. The striking color will beautifully brighten up the garden.  They love sandy and well-drained soil and avoid over-watering it.

8. Aloe vera


Ya, aloe vera belongs to the desert plant type. Aloe vera is drought tolerant and is not easily killed by bugs. With proper care, aloe vera can grow lush and unique as a houseplant. This is a desert plant that grows well with low care.

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