Tips to bring Scandinavian Style into Your Home -- Many people are interested and want to own a Scandinavian house. This is indeed a home style that looks simple, but feel comfortable and warm. One of the best inspirations is this Minimalist Nordic House. Minimal Nordic House is a one-story house model that designed with an A-frame roof. It has minimalist style with comfortable interior design, perfect for young couples. 

If you want to bring Scandinavian style to your home, use this house as an inspiration. Keep reading for Tips to bring Scandinavian Style into Your Home.

Use neutral color scheme with pops of color

The first thing is to determine the color. Color determines the style and atmosphere of the house. Scandinavian homes tend to use neutral colors, such as white or light gray. Make it more lively by using pops of color. In this house, the all-white color looks more epic with exposed red brick accents in terracotta color.

Enter more natural light

Scandinavian homes emphasize open spaces that are light and airy. That's why, make sure your house has access to lighting in the form of large windows that can channel natural light into the house. This will make the house naturally bright and save on electricity bills. 

Bring the elements of nature inside

Scandi's house gives the impression of a clean look. Not only that, this style house also wants to bring fresh impression and flexibility to its residents. Apart from the arrangement of furniture, it's a good idea to choose furniture made from natural materials such as sofas, tables and cabinets. Use houseplants as room decorations is also a good idea.

A clutter-free space

Make sure every room in the house is always neatly in its place. It does feel stiff, but you will get a sense of pleasure and serenity from seeing a neatly arranged space and a clutter-free space, free of goods scattered around the house.

Choose light colored countertop for kitchen

The kitchen can be a favorite place for the mother or wife. You can keep it simple without sacrificing aesthetic value and its comfort. Use a countertop in a light color to match the wooden cabinet. Even more cool when the kitchen has direct access to the garden. 

Minimal window treatment 

Scandinavian-style houses prioritize spaces that can be naturally bright during the day. For that, as much as possible, the window should be able to channel light optimally. Keep window treatments to a minimum. However, you can place bamboo or wooden blinds to keep your room more private and  give a soft light effect.

Add warm textile accessories

Don't forget the warmth! Warmth can trigger a sense of comfort. You can apply this in terms of filling the space with warm textiles, such as rugs or soft throws. Through this way a room will feel warm and cozy, thus, you will get a Scandinavian style in your home. 

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