The Types Of Orchids To Use As Houseplants - Orchids are a diverse plant family, and one of the largest of all plant families. The members of orchids are identified by a characteristic bilateral symmetry of the flowers, with upward-facing petals. Then, look these Types Of Orchids To Use As Houseplants. Check it out!

Maxillaria Fletcheriana Rolfe


The flower of this orchid has size 8 cm. This orchid can find in eastern Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia in extremely wet montane forests at elevations of 500 to 2800 meters.

Cypripedium Formosanum


To be known,  Cypripedium Formosanum is a species of orchid endemic to Taiwan that restricted to the central mountain of Taiwan. Where it grows in several types of habitat in mountain forests and bogs. And also, this orchid can cultivate, being attractive, and easy to grow and propagate.

Cattleya Orchids


Cattleya orchids native to Central and South America have been widely hybridized, leading to a large variety of colors and forms. Many Cattleya have appealing freckles, streaks, or other bicolor features. Some varieties are quite fragrant, and they are the most popular corsage orchid.

Orquidea Chocolate Oncidium Sharry Baby


Orquidea Chocolate Oncidium Sharry Baby are beautiful flowers and have extremely fragrant. The aroma of chocolate is very striking and lasting. This plant easy to cultivation and adaptation. This orchid requires regular watering. It doesn't like to dry out too much in between watering.

Phalaenopsis Orchid (Moth Orchids)


Commonly known as moth orchids, this orchid species ideal for beginner. They tolerate clumsy repotting efforts, bloom on and off throughout the year, and are easy to propagate. These orchids prefer diffused lighting condition and easy to grow. You can put this plant at indirect indoor lighting or shady outdoor location.

Beallara Orchids


Beallara Orchids is similar to Oncidiums but is a little different due to the crosses that has a branched stem that grows to about 150 cm in height with elongated and lanceolate. Reaching about 60 cm of length leaves.

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