The Best Indoor Plants for The Plantito and Plantita -- Surely, many of us love the plants. The more plants we have, the happier we will be. If you claim to be a mom or dad plant, plantito and plantita, or even a very beginner to caring for plants, we recommend some of these best indoor plants for you to have. These plants are not only low-maintenance, but also have their own-beauty and uniqueness. Discover it on The Best Indoor Plants for The Plantito and Plantita.

Peace Lily


Peace lilies are the first choice for the best indoor plants. It is a popular plant, a symbol of peace, purity and sympathy. Fresh green foliage and elegant white lily flowers, it will be so good to beautify the corner of your house. Place them in south-or-west-facing windows for the best spot, as they prefer indirect light.

Monkey's tail cactus


Need a unique indoor plant that fits perfectly to hang? Then, you can choose the monkey's tail cactus (Hildewintera cleistoccactus). The stem is greenish yellow with soft white spines that cover the stem. They can be hung on unique hanging planters like this one. As with other cacti, watering this cactus is enough once in a week or two.

Purple Shamrock


Let's move on to indoor plants that do not have green leaves, as the name suggest, this is a purple shamrock plant. This plant is also known as purple oxalis, it has heart-shaped leaves in three groups. The plant also produces clumps of small flowers in pink or purple. Keep them away from direct sun as it will burn their leaves.



Fittonia is a showy and exotic short-leaves plant. Some call it a nerve plant, as the green leaves are veined with pink tints reminiscent of the veined nervous system. With an adorable pink color, this is also a beautiful plant for a girl's bedroom. Water them when soil is dry. Place the plant in bright indirect light to keep them happy. 

Pink Princess Philodendron


Look at how gorgeous this Pink Philodendron is! The pink leaves look beautiful growing on top of the deep green leaves. Not all pink foliage comes out easily. Give your pink princess philo bright indirect light for about 8 hours a day. Provide at least 65% humidity to make the pink leaves open smoothly.

Alocasia Frydek


For those of you who like fresh greenery and give a tropical vibe, Alocasia frydek is the best choice. The green leaves are shaped like arrowheads with conspicuous white veins. Alocasia frydek prefer bright, indirect light. You can water it when the topsoil is dry.

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