The 7 Best Plants for Bedrooms to Help You Sleep Better -- Are you looking about plants that can help you to sleep better? The existence of plants at home has many benefits that can be directly felt by the owner. Certain types of plants can produce oxygen and purify the air in the room. So that the room will feel cooler and course healthy. The quality of your sleep will also improve.
Here we have collected the 7 best plants for bedrooms to help you sleep better, especially for you. Let's keep reading for more information.

1. Jasmine plant


The first plant that can improve your sleep is Jasmine. They have characteristic small flowers of white color with such an alluring aroma. The aroma of Jasmine plants in a study turned to be able to improve sleep quality and make feeling better. Jasmine plants easy care, the best place for them to grow up healthy, you can put it near the window.

2. Peace Lily


Peace lily is one of the most beautiful indoor plants that you can grow at home.  They are even known as the best indoor air purifiers. Peace lily has a characteristic, beautiful flower. We recommend peace lily for you novice gardeners, as they can survive in low light.

3. Golden pothos


One more indoor plant that can purify the air so well. He is known by the name Golden pothos. This plant is a type of hanging plant, so it is suitable for you to be used as a decoration for bedroom walls. The cool atmosphere of the bedroom will make you feem more at home and sleep well.

4. Spider plant


Spider plants are the most popular indoor plants and many fall in love with them. Because they have easy maintenance, and need little sunlight in order to grow healthy. Spider plants can clean the air in the room, so we recommend it as plant that can help you sleep better.

5. Snake plant


Snake plant or known as Sansevieria is the best plant that improve air quality in the room; They have a distinctive feature of leaves of a unique vertical shape. Adding a snake plant, in the bedroom is a smart choice. Because it will help you sleep better.

6. Aloe Vera


Aloe vera is a well-known plant and widely used for health and beauty. It turns out that aloe vera is also the best indoor plant that can produce oxygen at night. That way your sleep will be more restful and calm.

7. Lavender


Lavender has a characteristic aroma that can reduce stress levels and sleep well. Lavender flowers are purple that look charming. You can put lavender in the bedroom with a combination of ceramic pots for a more elegant look.

That's a review of the 7 best plants for bedrooms to help you sleep better. Hopefully, the information above can be useful.

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