So Charming Varieties of Pothos Plant

So Charming Varieties of Pothos Plant -- Pothos is an amazing ornamental plant that is very easy to grow at home and relatively easy to care for. One type that is difficult to kill is this pothos. There are quite a lot of varieties, you can choose some list in the review below;


Marble Queen pothos


This queen marble pothos has moss green leaves and stems and is white striped. This variegated plant grows more slowly and is easy to care for. Lighting that is too dark can make growth worse.

Pothos N'joy


The next variety is pothos n'joy, which has a smaller leaf shape when compared to other plants. It's slower growth, this can grow to over 6 feet. Attractive leaf color has uneven white splashes all over the leaf.

Manjula Pothos


Manjula pothos is also a variety with a distinctive leaf shape. Heart-shaped leaves' ad slightly curved at the ends have a dark green to light green, silver, cream and white. This plant likes ideal lighting that can maintain the color of its leaves.

Scindapsus Global Green


Global green pothos has leaves that are unique and very attractive for room decoration. This full green leaf color can grow like other varieties with no fuss care. Prune the plant to form more attractive leaf clusters. This treatment can be easily grown by you with lighting, watering and ideal humidity.

Satin pothos


Then there are other varieties that you can make a choice when choosing several pothos plants for the room. One of them is a satin pothos, which has pinnate leaves with green and white dots on the surface. With an attractive appearance, this plant is low maintenance and also very easy for beginners.

Golden pothos


Golden pothos is the most commonly found plant and is in great demand. Day-shaped leaves with golden yellow stripes are easy to care for and vigorous growth. Also known as devil's ivy, this plant can be grown using the water propagation method. When mature and growing on a vine, this plant will have larger leaves and grow to about 2 -3 feet in length.

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