Small Living Room Interior Design Tips -- If you have a small living room, don't be confused! You don't need to reduce a lot of things in the living room to make it look spacious. It can actually make the living room look plain, empty and soulless. Here, we've put together some ideas and pictures to make a small living room feel soulful, chic and pleasant to the eye, without making it seem crowded. Here are Small Living Room Interior Design Tips.

Infuse life with plants

Neutral colors, like white and gray, are often recommended for small living rooms. In the hope, the living room looks more spacious. However, too many neutral colors can give the impression of being stiff and monotonous. Avoid that by adding plants as living room decorations. That way, the living room in neutral colors will look fresher.

Give shape combination


A small living room is not always synonymous with a minimalist and firm style. You are free to give any style to the small living room. For example, in terms of shape, choosing a sofa in a prominent, beautiful-curved shape that makes this living room look more relaxed yet still elegant.

Bring a cozy rug


Give warmth to your small living room. You can add a rug in a color that matches the furniture. The rug that covers the tiled floor will give a cozy and warm atmosphere. A rug can also be the focal point of a small living room, like this one.

Warm and sweet living room


If you like a living room that looks sweet and soft, use this living room as your inspiration. White and pink work well together to create a clean, airy and beautiful space. The pink floral pattern on the soft furnishings bring a chic and sweet impression to this living room.

Install wallpaper


An instant way to make a small living room more lively is by installing patterned wallpaper. You are free to choose any pattern according to your taste. In this living room, wallpaper in baby blue and pink floral patterns. This wallpaper gives a soft and beautiful look.

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