Pencil Cactus; How To Care For This Eccentric Succulent -- Cactus is one of the plants that is currently popular and much loved by the public. This type of cactus is no exception, namely pencil cactus. They have the Botanical name Eupborbia tirucalli. Pencil cactus has a unique shape. suitable for use as home decors to be even more beautiful.
It turns out that growing Pencil cactus is easy, suitable for you novice gardeners. If you're interested in growing them, we'll share an article about pencil cactus: how to care for this eccentric succulent below. Let's see the review below!

Required lighting


Actually, to grow and care for pencil cactus is not as difficult as you think. Like other cactus plants, they love sunlight. This plant is suitable for growing outdoors or indoors. If in the room, you can put them near the window.



Cactus is one of the plants that has drought tolerance. Pencil cacti are no exception. According to the season, in the summer you can water them once every two weeks. Be sure not to water them excessively.

Adding fertilizer


In order for the plant to grow well and healthily, you can add the appropriate fertilizer. There are many types of fertilizers that you can use according to your needs. Apply fertilizer according to the instruction in the package.



Cactus plants have characteristic multitude of stems. Therefore, the stems that are growing more and more abundantly, you can prune them. That way, the plant will grow well and lush

The sap from the stem of a stem of a pencil cactus can cause skin irritation. You can use gloves to keep them safe.



Pencil cacti can grow well, and have low maintenance. You can choose a pot that has a good drainage system. That way, they will grow vigorously. If the cactus grows large, you can make a change of pot. Do not forget to use pot of a suitable size.

That's pencil cactus review: how to care for this eccentric succulent. Hopefully, the information above is useful.

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