Neutral room ideas - 7 ways to use timeless shades -- Neutral colors never go-out-of-style or outdated! This is a timeless shade that is always great to mix and match with other color tones or any room style. Neutral colors can also stand alone in a room. Gives a calming and super stylish space look. We put together some ideas and picture about how to use neutral or timeless shade to create a sophisticated and stylish room. Here are Neutral room ideas - 7 ways to use timeless shades.

Enhance neutrals scheme with metallic elements


White walls are often the choice of many people to get a clean, spacious and bright room. You can present a stylish neutral space. This white wall can be a cool background for metallic furniture, such as a pendant light and a metal stacking shelf. The black metallic color can be a cool visual contrast with the white walls.

Two-tone living room ideas


You can use two contrasting neutral color concept, as a room style. For example, black and white. The combination of black and white can bring a charming contrast to a room. Give a warm impression if you like it, for example adding pink color to the soft furnishings to give a soft and cozy vibe in a black and white room.

Stylish black and white kitchen


Kitchens in a neutral scheme don't always look boring. You can make it this interesting. White is the main base color for cabinets, backsplashes, and kitchen floors. Black is a balancing color for a cooler and minimalist kitchen impression. A warm ambience can still be present from the use of wooden elements on chairs and some kitchen furniture.

Use of natural materials in neutral scheme


Some elements of nature have stunning neutral color schemes. Some of them are natural stones, such as granite and marble stone. Both, have a neutral black or white. Uniquely, the natural stone has a natural style that is so beautiful. The application of natural stone can be used as a floor and even a kitchen island. This makes the kitchen look stylish and expensive.

Adding another color accent

If you feel neutral colors are too plain, add something to cheer you up. You can choose soft furnishings in a bright yellow, purple color scheme like this one. With just one simple touch, a neutral bedroom looks fresher and more attractive.

Boost life with plants

The dining room in a neutral color scheme is easy for you to apply at home. Avoid the impression of being stiff and monotonous by adding decorations. Live or artificial plants do not matter. You can place the green plants on the white walls or orange wooden shelf to make the dining room more lively.

Unique tile floors


Perfect the design of the house from the living room to the bathroom. You can give a touch of neutral color even to the bathroom and service area. Live it up by choosing floor tiles in patterns and colors like these. This will instantly enhance the visuals of a neutral space.

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