How to Propagate Calathea Plants

How to Propagate Calathea Plants -- Calathea is an ornamental plant with attractive leaves and is a favorite of ornamental plants lovers. Has a variety of motifs, size, and shapes of leaves in various patterns. If you are one of the calathea lovers, the possibility of spreading it may be difficult to learn and do. Because this plant is not only relatively  easy to grow than other tropical plants, you can listen to the guidelines in the following review:

Main consideration when propagating calathea


This plant is not the same as the type of succulent that can be propagated by cuttings. You need to know how to propagate calathea plants in several ways. Using the division technique is one simple way that you can try and maybe a little aggressive, but it can be relied on to try.

Can this plant grow in water or soil


This plant can not grow in water when starting propagation. You can store in soil that is ensured that the roots dry out and are not waterlogged, so they don't rot.

Calathea plant dispersal process


For the division of calathea plants, you can choose plants that are mature and grow healthy with almost full size. Usually 2 -3 feet tall. Prepare some equipment such as tables, cutters, you for the cover. The divide the roots by hand from the root ball part.

After the division is complete, you can place it separately in a larger container. Mix loose soil with some saturated soil to put the plant into the soil and allow a few weeks to grow well and water regularly and as needed.

Post deployment care


You can still pay attention to the growth of Calathea after the spread by doing several things. For example, place the plant in the reach of the sun that is too low, so that is can provided the plant with stable and consistent light. Do not water the plant excessively, which can make the plant wilt and shock.

Beware of pests, insect or other diseases by spraying a special disinfectant for plants.

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