How to Make Pothos Plants Fuller


How to Make Pothos Plants Fuller -- Pothos plants have a high reputation and are easy to handle houseplants. This plant from the genus pothos aureus will be a collection of famous and environmentally friendly indoor plants. This heart-shaped plant has a beautiful and bright dark color. Pothos can grow up to 10 feet long and spread its leaves to a size of 3 feet and grow to climb. To grow this plant quickly and efficiently, you can read a little review below:

Choose the right variety


First, when growing pothos, you can choose a variety that is larger than. Such a Hawaiian and golden pothos which produce large leaves with creamy white variegation.

Prune the plant properly


To get a large and full pothos plant, you can prune it regularly. Without pruning it, the stem will continue to grow behind and look thinner. Because this plant grows into areas of less light, the leaves will be sparse and appear overall and sculpted.

Pothos plant fertilizer


It does not mean that it looks fertile, does not require proper fertilization. You can give it a little growth boost to make the pothos much bigger. By using compost or liquid seaweed solution that can fertilize the soil. Give at least once or twice a month. But do not be too excessive to fertilize the plant because it can damage the plant.

Pat attention to the sun


Maybe pothos plants are famous for plants that tolerate low light and even darkness. But you also need to pay attention if pothos plants stored in bright areas will look more dense and green. Because it really needs sunlight for its development, you can put it on the windowsill.

Keep the humidity


These curled leaves with brown edges are a sign that the pothos plant is dehydrated. These plants need proper watering planning to keep them looking full and health. Do not schedule watering that is too frequent because it will be bad for the plant.

Make sure the temperature is right


Pothos likes temperatures around 19 - 20 degrees Celsius. If exposed to temperature pressure on it, this plant will look limp and drooping leaves wither. This is caused by too much sun exposure, causing the leaves to burn.

As long as you prune them properly, and give them better care as stated above, your pothos plants will be looking bushy and full in no time.

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