How to Defend a Dying Jade Plant and What is the Solution

How to Defend a Dying Jade Plant and What is the Solution -- The jade plant or with the scientific name Crassula Ovata is known as the lucky plant as well as the money plant. The types of succulent that is popular as a tree plant in the house is considered to bring good luck to its owner with easy care and relatively includes a plant that is strong against of some watering and fertilization. To save a dying jade plant, we can learn some solutions in the review below:

Signs of the jade plant dying

Leaves drooping down


If you notice that the jade plant is drooping, which occurs when the temperature  change suddenly and consistently, it means that the plant is sick. Some of the reason that make jade plants droopy are too much watering and insufficient light requirements, and the occurrence of pest attacks.

Brown leaf


Then, when you meet a sick jade plant, of course, this plant will show its green  leaves turning brown. Common causes are getting too much sun, muffled water or being attacked by pests.

Wilted and limp leaves


Common signs of a jade plant being dying and sick are limp and wilting leaves. This happens also due to leaves that look wet overall or other causes are inadequate sunlight, over watering, over fertilization and exposure to freezing temperatures.

Do the jade plant trouble


One way you can save your had plant is to repot it in a new pot with fresh, well-drained soil. This plant likes a mixture of soil organic matter, such as peat moss and other inorganic materials.

Prune your plants

Another way to save your plants is  to prune them. This old plant with yellowing leaves will fall off. Then remove the long, drooping branches. Prune regularly to maintain new growth and for a tight, erect look.


In conclusion, the jade plant is a drought-resistant plant  and can thrive indoors. This plant may be low against disease and can even die from mold, too much water. To save it, you can trim the long stems, do repotting to set a watering schedule and check plant pests correctly and regularly.

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