How to Care for Snake Plant That are in Bloom

How to Care for Snake Plant That are in Bloom -- Snake plants are known as plants that have the easiest care and resistance to all weather. With bright leaves and shaped like a sharp spear, this snake plant can unwittingly grow beautiful flowers. Maybe not everyone known that snake plants can flower after years. This review will provide some insight into the blooming snake plant and how to care for it.


To make snake plants flowers, this takes a long time, at least a few years under ideal conditions. This plant can survive low light to irregular watering. Snake plant will flower when there is a lot of stress, or they feel they are in danger. In order to make perfect flowering, you need to be careful of wilted or discolored  leaves and do not damage the plant, which can make the petals fall off.


When the snake plant is in bloom, you also need to provide reinforcement so that the flowers from this plant don't fall out easily. With some fertilizers that contain high phosphorus, this method will increase the induction of flowering in plants.


You can recognize a snake plant that is in bloom by  the presence of a flower spike from the rhizome. This slender green stalk will emerge in the center of the rosette, up to 3 feet tall. Also note that when spring comes, this plant will flower by blooming at night and closing during the day.


This snake plant flower with slender white petals will look like a ribbon that curves downwards. And the stamen are at the green tip, sticking out in the middle. When in bloom, the snake plant will emit a strong and pleasant aroma. However, some cultivars have different scents.


After flowering, maybe, some people say that the snake plant will die, But that's not true, once of the snake plant has flowered, it probably won't grow new leaves and won't actually die. The leaf will stay in place and last for years.

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