How To Care For A Calla Lily To Enjoy Its Elegant Blooms Year After Year - Including stunning flowers, Calla Lily is a simple flower that can usually used in wedding bouquets and gift. Because Calla Lily symbolize with purity, resurrection, and rebirth. Then, look to these How To Care For A Calla Lily To Enjoy Its Elegant Blooms Year After Year. Check it out!

Planting Calla Lily


Plant Calla Lily with bury the tuber like rhizomes 3 to 4 inches deep in porous soil directly. You can choose a sunny to partially shaded site with amended, and well-drained soil. Then, plant the Calla Lily between February and June, but after danger of frost is past.

Basic Care For Calla Lily


Taking care your Calla Lily with give water when the soil is slightly dry but don't be overdosed. And then, you can cut off spent blooms and remove damaged or discolored leaves to tidy up the plants. To be known, Calla Lily can thrive in humid and moist conditions and may need protection.

Indoor Care For Calla Lily


You can make Calla Lily as houseplant that can increase your home looks. Then, the way that you must do for indoor care are:

- Keep the soil moist, but not soggy
- Provide bright, indirect light
- Keep away from heating and A/C vents
- Reduce watering when the plants enter dormancy (November)
- Cut the leaves off at soil level once they've died

Care to the Calla Lily in the Garden


Taking care to Calla Lily that grow in the garden must be taken attention. Calla Lily won't tolerate freezing weather. And this plant only hardy in warmer areas and grow from bulb-like rhizomes. This plant can put in the area with full sun to part shade and in moist soil, but well-drained. 

When the Calla Lily actively growing, keep consistently  moist and don't let dry out. Apply a balanced liquid fertilizer every 2 weeks while blooming.

Care in Pots


If potted Calla Lily stop blooming, you can let them go dormant and keep in a cool, dark place without water for a couple of months. Then, put them back in the light and start watering again to start blooming leaf. 

Select fresh container potting mix that drains easily. Then, water lightly at first until few leaves appear in a couple of weeks, then increase watering to ensure your potted Calla Lily don't dry out. You can put pots in a sunny window to continue growing or dig up the rhizomes. If desired, repot the rhizomes in the spring.

Store Calla Lily for the Winter


Usually, in winter most gardener leave the Calla Lily. But you can make store the Calla Lily in winter with this way. Remove the leaves from plants and cut the stems to one to two inches tall before first freeze. Then, dig up rhizomes and put in a warm, dry place in between 65 and 75 F degree. 

Leave them there to cure for 3 days. Pack the rhizomes in a box filled with some slightly moist peat moss or sawdust. Store the box in a dark place at 50 to 60 F degrees.

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