How Do You Care for a Rubber Plant -- Rubber plant or known by the Botanical name Ficus elastica is one of the best ornamental plants. The plant is originally from Southeast Asia. They are also know as one of the indoor plants with low care. It is recommended for you, novice gardeners.

This plant in addition to beautifying the house can also clean the air in the room. If you are interested in growing a rubber plant, let's look at the following article: How do you care for a rubber plant, below!



Rubber plant is one of the indoor plants that cab adapt well to its environment. They will grow well in the sun's rays of indirect sunlight. If placed directly in the sun, their leaves will burn. Meanwhile, if they are grown indoors, you can put them by the window.



The plant with the scientific name Ficus elastica actually has minimal care. They will grow well on dry soils. When the Rubber plant starts to grow beyond the soil, you can add soil to cover it. Easy, isn't it?

Watering Rubber Plant


For watering the rubber plant, you can adjust to the ongoing season. In the summer, you can water it regularly to keep the soil moist.

Whereas, in winter, they only need a little water.



Rubber plant is a indoor plant that has minimal maintenance. But we recommend fertilizing so that their nutrition is met. Do not forget to read the instructions for use of the appropriate fertilizer on the packaging.

Rubber plant trimming


For the best growth, you can regularly trim the rubber plant leaves that have dried or wilted. That way, the condition of the rubber plant will feel fresher and healthier.

That's a review of how do you care for a rubber plant . Hopefully, the information above is useful.

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