Houseplants Considered to Bring Good Luck

Houseplants Considered to Bring Good Luck -- According to Feng Shui, there are several plants that are considered to bring good luck, health, wealth and good fortune into the house. In addition to being used for air purification, ornamental plants will create other elements that have positive effect on their owners. The following is a list of beautiful ornamental plants and will certainly bring good luck to you.



Orchid is one of the beautiful plants with large and brightly colored flowers. This plant can provide good luck in the family and a harmonious atmosphere. Likes bright light, you can water it every day.

Lucky bamboo


This plant is known as the ribbon plant. The type of dracaena that brings good luck to your home can be placed in the living room or family room. This plant likes moderate or indirect sunlight for its development. With slightly moist soil, you do not need to water it.

Boston fern


Boston fern can create a positive atmosphere into the home. This plant that likes moist air is perfect for the home bathroom. In addition, humidity is the main thing that must be considered, as well as bright lighting.

Orange tree


If several ornamental plants are chosen to be plants that bring luck, this time the orange tree is also one of them. This plant that will bring prosperity to the house requires about 6 - 8 hours of sunlight a day. Because this plant has a distinctive and refreshing aroma, it's not wrung if the orange tree will create a calmer mindset.



Palm tress in addition to bringing a tropical atmosphere can also improve balance in the home and positive energy. This plant is a plant that is tolerant of room temperature and indirect light.

Money tree


This is one for the plants that will bring good luck and is known as the money tree. Some Feng Shui experts believe in luck, wealth and prosperity. You can not advise to putting this plant in the bathroom because it will throw away positive energy. This plant grows well in bright, indirect light.

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