Easy Indoor Plants to Grow on the Windowsill

Easy Indoor Plants to Grow at Home

Homiful.com -- The window sill is the main area that is very safe and suitable for houseplants. Not only will you get bright lighting, the arrangement of plants can be arranged in such a way without being overcrowded. With a neat arrangement, you can see some lists of these plants that are easy to grow on the windowsill of the house.

African Violet

This easy-to-find, affordable plant can withstand low light conditions. But the windowsill is a great area to get bright, indirect light. With the right lighting, this plant will bloom and accept any moisture.

Calathea Marantha

The next plant is Calathea marantha which has beautiful leaves with vibrant features of stripes, colors and leaves. This plant would be great for container gardens and hanging pots that grow dangling. With normal humidity, this plant grows well with maximum light and the windowsill is the most appropriate place.

Christmas Cactus

A popular house indoor plant is the Christmas cactus, which will bloom and produce colorful, pink or purple tube flowers. This plant likes hot and arid environment such as deserts. Low watering to dappled lighting is also very popular.

Calathea Ornata

Known as calathea pin stripe, this beautiful leafy plant with a dark green color and accented by a thin soft pink line is very popular with ornamental plant lovers because of its feminine appearance. The care is quite easy but must be tenacious in terms of lighting, humidity and temperature as well as fertilization.

Calathea Triostar

The next is  still in the type of calathea, this plant with the name Stromanthe Sanguinea Triostar has beautiful leaf colors and is popular among ornamental plant lovers. Likes the shade and the leaves will curl up at night. This plant is also often called the praying plant.


Last is the indoor plant suitable for placing on the windowsill is the philodendron. This large and thick green leaf plant is very easy to care for. With its natural habitat in tropical rainforest, this plant prefers moderate, indirect light, so the windowsill is a great place to be.

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