Create a Tropical Garden with 7 Lush Plant

Create a Tropical Garden with 7 Lush Plant -- Plants that are brought into the house will be perfect, and many advantages are profitable for the owner. Especially if the plant has a large size and look  dense. The house will feel tropical, and the atmosphere will be brighter all day long. Read on to Create a Tropical Garden with 7 Lush Plant below;



Cactus does have very many relatives. Ranging from small, large, growing upright to drooping with beautiful flowers like this. Even a cactus plant can be very bushy with special care that will make it a focal point in a room.



The next is the alocasia plant, which is in great demand by beginners or old gardeners. You can have any types of alocasia, which is very distinctive with beautiful leaf patterns and a very dark green color. This plant can grow lush with careful care.

Ear plant

This elephant ear plant can also make the room more tropical. The leaves are large, heart-shaped with leaf veins clearly visible. Beside being used as a garden and outdoor plant, this plant is very beautiful as a focal pint in a room using a large pot. Care and growth is very easy, until the height can be as high as adults.

Bird of paradise Plant


Bird's paradise is an ornamental plant type of bananas that has a high size and looks very lush. This plant that will give tropical romance is native to South Africa and is a plant with beautiful flowers like the bird of paradise. Although it is not so difficult to maintain, concerns such as light, humidity and temperature are also things to keep in mind.



Philodendron is an ornamental plant that can be placed anywhere. Even in the room in your home, you can make it as an ornamental plant decoration. This heart-shaped and dark green plant is relatively easy to care for and grows fast and fertile. This plant has several varieties and can grow attached to the wall.

Ficus plant


This type of rubber plant is Ficus lyrata which is an indoor plant that grows well in pots. When fully grown, this plant can grow up to 50 feet tall in its natural environment. If you like direct or bright sunlight, you can place it in a room that has a window facing south. Beautiful leaves are often refereed to as the violin.



Palm is a glamorous plant that can give a tropical effect to a room. These attractive, leafy leaves can grow rapidly, up to 30 - 60 cm per year. Plants that look full when mature and thrive are easy to care for, even if you leave them without regular watering.

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