Brilliant Projects Interior Garden Ideas


Brilliant Projects Interior Garden Ideas -- More and more ornamental plant lovers are interested in putting it indoors. Not without reason, ornamental plants that are brought into the room can provide a calmer air, tropical atmosphere and a fresh soul. Houseplants can make a big difference for their owners, even for beginners. With the right decorations, you can add ornamental plants in the room to make them look attractive. You can see the clever idea in Brilliant Projects Interior Garden Ideas below:

Aesthetic corner garden

The first idea can be the first choice, really want to design a room in the house neatly and aesthetically. Various important element support the appearance of the space with a round mirror pattern of rattan. The tropical impression is quite inherent in the combination of visually trailing plants.

Vertical garden concept

By utilizing any space in the house, you can use the concept of a vertical garden if the space seems narrow. This does not mean that this does not apply to owners of larger rooms. You can combine a neat arrangement from the use of a planting rack to detailed lighting along the plant rack.

Take advantage of the ceiling

The next idea is also very meaningful for those of you who have a small space. The ceiling of the house is not a taboo thing that currently can be used as a place to hang plants. This idea maintains a minimal budget but with a refreshing aesthetic appearance.

Work area with open plants

The semi-open concepts in this workspace will be the highlight at home. Not only with the lighting but the selection of plants that are quite complete with open stacking shelves.

Space  concept with trailing plants

The following smart ideas you can apply in space that may not be used. One of them is the bathroom, which is only used as a decoration. But this is no less interesting because it uses some trailing plants that give a tropical atmosphere. You can take advantage of more intense lighting for a refreshing feel.

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