Best Shade Ideas for Your Patio and Backyard -- Spending time relaxing outdoors is a simple form of refreshing that you can do at home. However, not everyone want to expose themselves to direct sunlight. It gets too hot and gives off an unpleasant sultry feeling. For this reason, it is important that you include a source of shade when planning outdoor spaces. A shade will make your outdoor leisure agenda more enjoyable. You can enjoy the fresh breeze, without getting too hot.

Build a beautiful and simple pergola


A pergola is a shade idea that can be a relaxing feature in your backyard at the same time. You can grow the pergola frame with beautiful flowering vines. These vines will shade you naturally. You can put a set of yellow outdoors chairs to sit back and relax without being in direct sunlight.

Moveable umbrella


Enjoying summer with a glass of favorite juice by the pool is a fun thing to do. Complete it by installing a shade that will protect you from the sun. You can choose an oversized moveable umbrella. This umbrella is large enough to accommodate 5 chairs and a slim table underneath.

Constructed gazebo


A gazebo, you can use as a shade as well as an outdoor relaxing space. It may be a freestanding structure with a roof. The shade that is built firmly allows you to be here, when the sun is so hot or even when the rain suddenly comes. A gazebo can also increase the curb appeal and value of your property.

Relaxing patio


You can make a corner of the yard into a patio with a solid shade on it. This shade or roof is built from a wooden frame and clay tile that will protect you from the sun and rain. The presence of shade will also keep furniture such as sofas safer from dust that may fall from above.

Bougainvillea for shade


You can provide shade by using vines. It's easy, you make a framework to then become a medium for vines to thrive and become a shade. One of the best vines for shade is the bougainvillea plant. This plant can grow lush with beautiful purple flowers as a shade in your backyard.

Patio shade by the pool


To cool off after swimming in the pool, you can build a perfect arranged patio like this backyard. This patio has a hard metal shade that will protect you from the sun. The sides are open and allow you to see the entire area, giving the impression of being spacious and open.

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