Best Houseplants for West-Facing Windows

Best Houseplants for West-Facing Windows -- Lighting for plants can affect their growth. And plant layout is quite influential for plants that are in the process of growing. For example, with plants placed in windows facing west and receiving moderate light during afternoon, of course not all plants like it. Some of the plants that like light from a west-facing window can be read in the following list:

Bird of Paradise plant


This indoor tree or commonly called the bird of paradise plants is the most interesting to note. With broad leaves and impressed as a tropical plant can grow tall indoors up to 6 feet. This plant likes bright light from the west with the addition of light curtains. Even if placed in a window to the west, do watering only when the soil is dry.

Money plant


The money tree or pachira aquatica is considered a lucky plant. A plant with a braided stem has a 5 small, thin-looking leaves. This plant likes direct and indirect sunlight. In balance, the light from the west window is the most appropriate because it will provide sufficient intensity to the plants.

Pink Princess 


This beautiful philodendron type plant has beautiful colors and is one of the most sought after plants. This pink princess philodendron has broad leaves with a waxy coating on the surface that makes it look shiny. With pink leaves, this plant is caused by a lack of leaf green matter. So the placement of the plant is very important/ With a window to the west, this plant will get afternoon light with a fairly low intensity.

Pony tail palm


The ponytail palm plant is one of the easiest ornamental plants to have. This visually beautiful plant with leaves hanging down like a horse's tail really likes room conditions with any light, including light from the west of the window. This plant will do well in semi-arid conditions and allow the soil to dry out for watering.



The peacock ornamental plant, which is often used as a collection in this space, has a succulent growth and care that really needs attention. This peacock calathea loves humidity and sufficient sunlight. Perfect for the bathroom or window sill from the west wide near the kitchen.

Jade plants


Jade plants are very popular and are owned in homes, public to shopping centers. This great plant for a west-facing window loves moderate light and is perfect for a west-facing window.

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