Best Houseplant for South-Facing Windows

Best Houseplant for South-Facing Windows -- The window may be a part of the house that is often neglected and only decorated with curtains, even though the window is where the maximum light enters the house. Especially if the window of the house is in the south direction, which will receive a lot of light. Instead of being left alone, you can use several types of plants to grow new natural habitats. The best plants for window facing south can be seen in the following reviews:



This beautiful and colorful leaves of this beautiful croton plant are a great addition to any room. You can move to a room that can grow tall with direct sunlight. So it is ideal to be placed in a window towards the south and high humidity levels.

Pineapple Plant


A very beautiful attraction is the pineapple plant. This tropical plant belongs to the bromeliad family which can thrive and produce one stalk, flower and pineapple fruit. If you move it indoors, a south window  is the best because this plant also loves light and is very tolerant of it.

Snake plant


Next is the snake plant, which is included in the list of low light pants. However, this plant is very fertile when placed in direct sunlight. This hard-to-kill plants is hardy adapting and has good water tolerance. With proper lighting, this plant will get white flowers that are small and fragrant.

Areca palm

Palm area is a true palm that is elegant and can create a tropical atmosphere into the room. This is beautiful and easy-to-get, popular plant loves high levels of light and is sensitive to overwatering. South-facing windows will be successful in providing good growth for this plant.

Alocasia Polly


Alocasia has quite a lot of types and enters the elephant ear plant. One of the species that likes southern sunlight is Alocasia polly. This plant can grow up to 24 inches tall and 20 inches wide.

Aloe Vera


Aloe vera is known not only as an ornamental plant. Its many benefits can be used as a cosmetic ingredient. This plant that thrives in tropical, semi-tropical and desert climates has a relatively easy growth. If you like bright and indirect sunlight, you can place it in a south window with a temperature between 55 - 80 F.

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