Best Garden Plants with Blue Shades -- The truth is, no plant is truly blue. They don't rare and they don't exist. The blue color on a plant is just the illusion of a deep green or purple tone created by natural phenomena. With the illusion of light, makes you want to say it's a blue plant. Although blue plants don't really exist, there are some plants with shades of blue that are hard not to admire. What are they? Discover on Best Garden Plants with Blue Shades.

Blue Jade Vine


The blue jade vine (Stronglyodon macrobotyrs) is a plant endemic to the tropical rainforests of the Philippines. This plant is also easy to find in Hawaii. The plant also known as emerald creeper. They produce bluish-turquoise, claw-shaped flowers that are so pretty. Jade vine need lots of sunlight to thrive.

Siberian Larkspur


The bluish color mostly appears in the flowers of plants, one of which is Siberian larkspur or Chinese Delphinium. Native to China and Russia, it is a perennial plant. They have flowers that appear intense blue in color. This variety is called as Blue Butterfly, with flowers as beautiful as these.

Cornflower blue delphiniums


Another delphinium flower that will catch your attention. The bluish flowers will steal your attention easily. These are Cornflowers blue delphiniums. This plant has flower stalk that grow proudly tall and strong.

Blue begonia pavonina


No type of begonia is completely blue. However, it is likely that this 'Blue form' begonia pavonina is a hybrid variety. Actually, the leave is green in regular light. The resulting blue color is a play on the illusion of light. Begonia leaves are not blue in regular light, but with the help of a camera flash, 'blue form' begonias will look this amazing. Growing them under low light can increase of the iridescent, to give them a strong iridesence glow effect.

Cebu blue pothos


Cebu blue is a pothos plant with silvery-blue and shiny foliage that look shimmering in the right light condition. It is a native plant from Cebu Island in the Philippines. They are fast-growing plants and like at least 6 hours of bright, indirect sunlight each day.

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