Beautiful and Dramatic Haworthia

7 Beautiful and Dramatic Haworthia -- As is well known, Haworthia is a small plant similar to Aloe Vera and agave, but Haworthia is smaller than it's leaf variety. Comes from South Africa, which has striking color and is very beautiful. This plant is ideal for care and requires only a small amount of water and sunlight for its development. You can known and learn some of its types in the following review.

Haworthia Seedling


The shape of the leaves which are at the same time the stem on this haworthia has a small size and looks medium. A shape that is tapered at the tip has a clustered growth and has small spines on each edge. Very beautiful colors are unique and interesting things to have from this Haworthia.

Haworthia 'Tourmaline Rivers'


With a unique leaf pattern and veined. This haworthia looks fat with a nerve-like pattern on the fittonia plant. But the combination of a slightly transparent color and dark green makes this plant even more enjoyable.

Haworthia Black Obtusa X White Snake (Black Snake)


This very beautiful stem and leaf shape will make the corner of the room full of drama. The combination of transparent white pink, dark green with a shape like this painting looks very expensive. A little blue is also produced by this plant to provide a beautiful color combination.

Haworthia Variegated Ice Soul RV


Next is haworthia variegated ice soul which has a clear white color slightly shabby like snow. When it is still easy this plant grows with green veins that will then turn white and look a little hairy.

Haworthia Variagated OB


If you like haworthia types with a unique shape and look juicy, this is perfect for you. A line patterned surface with slightly blunt ends makes a fundamental difference from other types.

Haworthia White Bird


This last type may look different from others. Has a stem shape that is almost like a snake plant but with a smaller size and looks like a zebra with white stripes. This plant will grow baby underneath which is dark green, pink and slightly variegated when young.

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