8 Rooftop Garden Design Ideas And Tips

Homiful.com -- The rooftop is the perfect place to relax and garden on the weekend. Especially if you live in a densely populated urban area. It mush be difficult to find outdoors. Therefore, you can present a  garden at home for a cooler atmosphere. Rooftop that is usually not used or only used to dry clothes, you can turn it a beautiful garden.
Let's change your rooftop with the 8 rooftop garden design ideas and tips below!

1. Rooftop without a roof


Leaving the rooftop without a roof will make the impression of a narrow rooftop feel relieved. Especially if you combine it with a cozy egg, Of course, the rooftop will be the best relaxing place on weekends.

2. Adding wooden chairs


Make the rooftop a favorite place to gather and chat with friends and family. A set of wooden chairs that look eye-catching. The use of wood materials has always managed to create a warmer atmosphere.

3. Relax on the rooftop


No matter what the size the rooftop is, you can use it as the most comfortable relaxing place. The combination of plants and green grass as a base looks refreshing. You just need to add cushions and carpets for a peaceful, relaxing place.

4. Creating some privacy


Create quality tie with your family without any disturbance, by designing a rooftop with a high fence. The use of wall fences keeps the rooftop maintained and provides more privacy for the owner.

5. Refreshing green grass


using a stretch of green grass is one of the easiest ways to create a cool rooftop. You can use real or synthetic grass. Bot have almost the same vibes.

6. Beautiful living wall


Have a rooftop with a small size? No need to worry, use the concept of vertical garden or a beautiful living wall. You can grow a plant on a vertical wall. Colorful plants make your home more cheerful.

Beautiful pergola ideas


 Enjoying a weekend with a view of the city is a pleasure. Adding a pergola will make the rooftop look even more stunning. Moreover, the pergola is equipped with a cool wooden grid roof The space below will feel homey.


With the right lighting, you can adjust the atmosphere of the rooftop garden as you want. For a warmer and homey atmosphere, use warm white light colors. Looks very romantic, doesn't it?

That's the review of rooftop garden design ideas and tips. Hopefully, the information above is useful. Good luck.

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