8 Gorgeous Purple Plants to Brighten Up Your Home

Homiful.com -- There many exotic plants around us. Includes plants with leaves and flowers in stunning purples. Purple plants will give a splash of color that brightens the atmosphere where they are, whether in the garden, corner of the house or even a small table. Purple plants will also complete the collection of houseplants in a variety of colors. Find beautiful purple plants that you can grow and care for at home. Here are  8 Gorgeous Purple Plants to Brighten Up Your Home.

Tradescantia spathacea


Tradescantia spathacea is also known as the Moses-in-the-craddle plant, oyster plant or boat lily. They are commonly cultivated as ornamental plants. Its distinctive feature is the greenish leaf surface, with the back in a pretty purple color. The plant loves to grow in a bright, indirect light spot. Too much or too little light will make the color of the leaves fade. Planting tradescantia in this gorgeous purple pot will make it look like an adorable purple pineapple.

Gynura aurantiaca


You can call this plant as purple passion. As the name implies, they have foliage in deep purple colors that can produce bright orange flowers. It's just that the flowers smell unpleasant. Most gardener cut off the buds, so they don't bloom. Purple velvet leaves make this plant so exotic, it's so cute to place in a sloth-shaped planter like this.

Canterbury bells


This beautiful flower is an annual or biennial flowering plant, belonging to the genus of Campunala. The flower shape is unique, like purple bells. This flower symbolizes determination, gratitude and faith. Canterbury bells is easy to grow and care for. It's just that they last only two years.  This plant surely will brighten up your garden.

'Forever Purple' Heuchera


You may know heuchera 'forever purple' as coral bells. This plant is very pretty with ultra-purple leaves that form clumps. The leaves have grooved edges, which make them even more attractive. This ultra-purple plant will light up your home and your life instantly.

Echeveria 'Afterglow'


If you need something to beautify the ground, pick echevaria 'afterglow' for that. This succulent love to be grown on the ground. Echevaria 'afterglow' has beautiful and wide pinkish-lavender leaves. This kind of plant will add a purple beauty touch into your gravel bed.

Coleus plant


Some types of coleus have a purplish pink color that will beautify your home. For example, the type of Kong Rose coleus. This coleus with jagged green edges and purplish pink leaves can be a major attraction in your garden. Just keep their soil moist to keep them happy.

Persian shield plant


Persian shield plant can be grown anywhere, in shade or have sun areas. This plant is very popular with its stunning purple foliage color. Its unique color makes Persian shield plant a fun combination for garden beds, borders and more. Water them twice a week and keep soil constantly moist.

Campunala Lactifora


Splashes of purple can also be presented in the garden by planting Campunala lactifora. This plant has a beautiful clump of bluish-purple flowers among the green leaves. This is a plant that can grow tall but requires supports. Campunala lactifora is also a plant that slugs and snails dislike, so they can live well without pests.

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