8 Delightful Ways to Decorate Awkward Home Spaces with Plants

Homiful.com -- Working with plants is fun. They can work as air filters, which provide cleaner and healthier air in the home. Plants can also be an element of home decor, providing a splash of freshness that is pleasing to the eye and to the heart. There are many ways to decorate awkward spaces with plants, you can check out some interesting ideas in 8 Delightful Ways to Decorate Awkward Home Spaces with Plants.

No more awkward balcony!


No more awkward balconies or corners at home. You can fill it with your favorite cactus collection. This will make the balcony a special place that's dedicated to you, a cactus lover. Various cacti in terracotta pots can be arranged neatly on stacking shelves. Another large cactus can be placed on the floor to fill the empty corner of the balcony. 

Freshen up the bathroom with plants


The bathroom would be too plain without a decorative touch. You can fill the surface of the sink, as a place to put plants that grow well in high humidity and low light, such as the ZZ plant. The bathroom can be your place to propagate the ZZ plant. You can place the ZZ plant pieces in a transparent vase or jar. This will make the bathroom beautiful.

No more plain walls


Your plain walls can look more attractive with a plant arrangement like this. Present floating shelves in hexagonal or other unique shapes. These shelves will be good as a place to put a variety of indoor plants in them. The walls of the room will be more lively.

DIY unique floating plants


Vertical space that is too empty gives the impression of being awkward. A delightful way to fill the vertical space is to make plants arrangement ideas float near the walls, as unique as this one.  Using a strong wooden stick to hold the macrame string to hang potted plants. This is a great idea to fill up high vertical space.

Sunny corner with indoor plants


An awkward, empty corner would be better as a cool corner that you dedicate to organizing and displaying your indoor plant collection. Various plants can be neatly arranged on open shelves. Placing one large mirror will give the illusion of a wider space than it actually is. The white background will make the greenery in the terracotta pots shine more.

Vibrant windows with plants


Windows usually work to provide an indirect source of bright lighting for plants. Plants that like these conditions will do well to be placed around windows or a windowsill. You can add a unique hanging planter for purple tradescantia plants. The string lights with a soft dim lamp also gives it an attractive look.

Make this unique


In addition to the arrangement of plants, you can make plants grow in parallel direction like this. Various plants can grow up and propagate in upright media with leaves that grow as neat as unique as this. Plants that are good for this growth are pipercrocatum plant, philodendron melonochrysum, monstera dubia, epipremnum pinnatum, and philodendron cordatum and so on.

Bedroom with plants


The bedroom will also feel good with plant decorations. Plants can provide fresher air to breathe in the room. Its placement can be in an empty corner of the room, a shelf above the bed, or a special stacking shelf for placing pothos plants that grow dangling beautifully.

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