8 Amazing Tiered Planters to Make Your Yard So Beautiful

Homiful.com -- At some points, you need something dynamic in your home landscape. A yard will be better with plants in it. However, on some low o small plants, think of a great planter to keep them look better and not trampled on. One of the best ideas is to present tiered planter on your yard. Tiered planters will make the garden more dynamic and beautiful. For more ideas, here are 8 Amazing Tiered Planters to Make Your Yard So Beautiful.

Solar Tiered Planter

Solar Tiered Planter

Come up with a tiered planter for understated, lush flowers. You can choose this graceful, solar-lit planter which has 3 tiers. Each level has such captivating details. This solar tiered planter also LED light under the rim, to make the evening in the yard look more serene.

Sloped tiered planters

Design Rulz

Don't worry if you have a sloped backyard, you can have amazing landscaping in your backyard. Take advantage of the slope of the soil by making a tiered planter like this. These planter boxes are great for you to use for growing vegetables or herbs at home. This idea makes sloped backyards more dynamic.

Unique, wooden tiered planter

A tiered planter like this one is perfect for those of you who want to create a raised bed in the yard. You can plant strawberries, herbs or small flowers there. The shape of this tiered planter is like a pyramid, which will make your yard more vibrant and fresh. 

DIY Tiered Herb Garden Planter

Jenna Sue Design Co.

Most tiered planters are made of wood. For this reason, you can make your own tiered planters with materials that you can easily get. Make the wooden horizontal box look tiered, making sure that the first tier doesn't get in the way of the tier below it. Also make a vertical wooden pallet that can be used to plant herbs vertically. 

Tiered planter

Natalia Malytchev

The more levels you make, you will get a tiered garden that is vibrant and fresh like this. You can even make a mini staircase in the middle as access for each level. Give it an adorable touch, such as making a round planter with a very cute cartoon eye accent to plant green herbs. 

Simple tiered planter


If you prefer a simple, easy-to-move planter design, use this planter idea. This planter has 3 tiers. Planter in an L-shape that's great for occupying an empty corner in the yard or patio. 

Succulent tiered planter


There is also a tiered planter which is great for succulent. Like the picture above! This planter made of clay pots in 3 different sizes, which when arranged nicely make it an amazing succulent planter. There, you can plant cactus, rossette-like succulent and more succulents.

Big tiered planters


Large yards would be better off using a big tiered planter, like this one. This big tiered planter has two large containers, each for planting various types of plants in it. Uniquely, this planter has a support pole that makes this planter stand out even more. 

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