7 Types of Begonia Plant that Are Simply Amazing

7 Types of Begonia Plant that Are Simply Amazing

Homiful.com -- Begonia is an annual plant that can be grown in any region as an annual plant. Begonia plants are one of the favorites of many people because of their extraordinary appeal and the many types that produce beautiful flowers when shaded. You can see some of its types in 7 Types of Begonia Plant that Are Simply Amazing below:

Begonia Escargot


This escargot begonia is taken from the curly leaf pattern like a snail. The striking and beautiful leaves have brightly colored flowers. This is a hybrid of the popular Rex begonia. This plant likes moderate humidity, with striking leaf characteristics and will flower in spring.

 Rex Begonia


The reX begonia is a beautiful and dramatic type of begonia. This plant is called the red leaf begonia and has large leaves of about 6 inches. A plant that is exclusive of its leaves and flowers will maintain its amazing leaf color. This plant is easy to tolerate and is suitable for placing indoors.

Begonia Brevirimosa


Brevirimosa is a plant from the begonia family. With a leaf shape that is tapered at the end, it has a beautiful color.  Easy red leaves become a string of dominance with black contrast accents and shaped like veins that spread over the entire leaf surface.

Begonia Masoniana


Still in the begonia family, this flower plant is a delicate herbaceous perennial and is grown as an ornamental plant originating from China and Vietnam. It can grow with rhizomes and have unique seasonal green or white leaves. This plant likes temperatures below  the 70s and survives bright but indirect light.

Begonia Sp


Begonia SP is a flower that grows from the tropics and subtropics. Plants that are easy to grow with soil mixed with humus ad manure require regular fertilization. Has more than 1,500 specials that fall into the plant kingdom or kingdom plantae.

Begonia Hysteria


Begonia hysteria is indeed very beautiful with pink, purple leaves and mixed red-purple spots on it. The size that looks smaller is still included in the begonia family.

Begonia Pearcei


Finally, begonia pearcei has velvety, gel-colored leaves with prominent white venation. This plant has striking and contrasting yellow flowers. Has concept growth and well branched shrub.

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