7 Types of Agave Plants for The Garden

Homiful.com -- Have you ever heard of the agave plant? Agave is a hardy plant that can withstand the sun all day long. Agave is better known as a plant with economic value, some of which are used for rope, sweetener, tequila and so on. 

Agave itself is a hardy plant that can withstand the sun all day. This is because agave is native to hot and dry regions of America. It is a perfect plat for a garden of various styles, especially dry gardens. 

If you want to know some types of agave as houseplant or garden plant, here are 7 Types of Agave Plants for The Garden.

1. Agave Americana


Look at how stunning this agave americana can be in a desert garden! Agave americana is also known as century plant. This name arises because they take a long time to grow stalks and flowers, they can flower once in 20-30 years. This plant is very drought tolerant, they can live in hot temperatures without much water.

2. Agave 'Blue Flame'


Agave blue flame is a hybrid agave between agave attenuata and agave shawii. This agave looks so graceful with its curved leaves. True it its name, this agave looks like an inviting blue flame in the garden. Agave blue flame is a slow-growing plant, however its rosettes mature to 2-3' high and wide.

3. American Century Agave


Another type of American century agave that is no less interesting. Unlike the previous one, this agave has large leaves with a rosette-arranged appearance in bluish green color and spiked pointed sides in yellow. Some call this plant as a-larger-than life succulent. They like sandy soil or acidic soil with full sun exposure.

4. Agave Montana


Agave is a genus of succulent plants that includes many species, one of which is agave montana. Agave montana can grow large, it can also be grown as a small succulent in a pot. The shape is almost like a snake plant or aloe vera, but with a sharp spiked tip in reddish color.

5. Agave Ovatifolia


Agave ovatifolia is a cold hardy succulent. They can withstand winters with ice and snow. Agave ovatifolia is also called as Whale's tongue agave.  It can grow to 3 to 4 feet tall and 4 to 6 feet in 5-8 years. This is a solitary type of plant, which will easily grow in the corner of your garden.

6. Agave attenuata


Agave attenuata is a succulent plant that's so beautiful when you plant in your home garden. This succulent has an elegant and beautiful shape with a fresh green dominant color. The surface and margins of the leaves are smooth without serrations, slightly different from the other agave with small spines on the leaves.

7. Carribean agave


Need something to add drama to your garden? Here is Caribbean agave. It has many pointed leaves from a rosette with dramatic and beautiful look. Leaf color pattern similar to that of spider plants, with green and white edges. It can grow as 4 x 4 feet and love some afternoon shade.

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