7 Things Nobody Tells You About Narcissus

7 Things Nobody Tells You About Narcissus

Homiful.com -- As is known, narcissus is one of the well-known ornamental plants for any garden or yard. Not everyone plants this narcissus right in the yard. There is much that needs to be known to make narcissus an ornamental plant that is neatly arranged in the garden properly. Some of the following are contained in the following review:


Narcissus and daffodils


Daffodil is another name for narcissus, which may sound different and seem strange. This plant has a beautiful variety with a popular yellow color, and one that is not loved is the trumpet flower narcissus pseudonarcissus.

Narcissus is a bulbous plant and blooms in spring


This plant will bloom again throughout the year in spring. The narcissus plant is one of those daffodils that is easy to grow with bulbs and is perfect for beginners.

Have thousand of specifications


Also know it this narcissus plant has many varieties, 40 different species and a thousand of varieties.
The famous variety is Narcissus Jonquilla, with small, delicate flowers and an intense aroma.

Proper flower arrangement


You should not mix this narcissus with other flowers in the same vase because it can be toxic to other flowers. But you can mix narcissus with other bulbs when planted, such as tulips, hyacinth and crocuses.

Know the right season for the growing season


If you want to plant this lily, know the active period of the plant. This plant is dormant in winter, requiring long periods of cold temperatures to prepare for growth. In addition, when the spring sunshine begins, these plants love it because it can provide warmth, and they will wake up.

Plant narcissus tubers in an uneven amount


You can plant this narcissus in the yard of the house, with its tubers that can be random and uneven. Because the uneven planting will give a beautiful visual compared to a straight line.

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