7 Stunning Pink Plants for Your Home

7 Stunning Pink Plants for Your Home

Homiful.com -- Adding new color to your home garden can make a big impact. Especially with pink plants that are trending and always offer a beautiful look to the room. Many choices of long-lasting pink plants to enjoy. Sometimes pink plants aren't exactly intense, but there are  other mixes like green and pink that are eye-catching. Here are some of these plants you can choose to brighten your home and garden.

Peperomia Pink Lady


Peperomia indoor plants have many types and one of them is peperomia pink lady. With a blurry pink hues of leaves, arising from the splash of white motifs that are all over the leaf surface and look like velvet. This plant has easy care but with a fairly slow growth. Suitable for beginners who will not have difficulty when caring for it.

Pink Succulent 


A type of succulent with a pink color is this pink succulent. Leaves that have a pinkish tint and a slight purple hue along the leaf margins will look beautiful with thin white flowers that are delicate and soft.

Begonia Maurice Amey


This bush begonia with an eye-catching appearance has large leaves with a bright metallic pink ting and faint spots. This plant is included in the easy care, suitable for indoor plants and including rare plants.

Pink Variegated Monstera


Monstera is a classic ornamental plant with pink color which is also popular and will be the winner. This Monstera plant like the sun as it is with sufficient light. If there is too much shade, the plant will turn green again.

Pink Aglaonema


Aglaonema is a popular foliage ornamental plant with easy care. Plants with pink varieties on the leaves are shiny with a slightly waxy coating and are attractive. Grows well in sunlight, but if placed in a low light room, most of these plants will sulk. You can do regular watering and limit excessive watering.

Oxalis Plum Crazy


There are quite a few types of Oxalis and are commonly referred to as butterfly plants. With pink leaves and purple hues, this crazy oxalis plum has a small and petite leaf size. But its growth is very dense and is a relaxing plant for small spaces.



Ornamental plants that are included in this spinach plant have a number of about 80 to 200 species. This plant with oval leaf shape has a festive look with pink and green colors on half of the leaves. Loves bright but indirect lighting, take extra care to maintain its striking pink leaf color.

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