7 Stunning Aglaonema Varieties | Chinese Evergreen Types

 Homiful.com - Easy to grow, you can make the Chinese evergreen for houseplant and increase your indoor view. Other way, it can help you to have good air with nice purifying from the plants. Then, look these 7 Stunning Aglaonema Varieties | Chinese Evergreen Types. Check it out!

Aglaonema Rotundum


Aglaonema Rotundum is a species of Aglaonema that found near waterfall at elevation in North Sumatra. The one of evergreen perennial herbs with recumbent, this plant can grow in shade-tolerant but don't tolerate direct sunlight. Because it can threatens to burn the leaves.

Aglaonema Snow White


Aglaonema Snow White is an elegant plant with soft and light green leaves that have pattern with thin and white stripes. You can put this plant in a bright spot indoors or full shade outdoors. Then, make watering the plant when the soil is dry to touch.

Spilt Milk Aglaonema


Spilt Milk Aglaonema or Aglaonema Modestum plant is the one of Chinese evergreen plant. Have the best foliage plants, you can put this plant for tabletop or gift plants. You can make the plants have well drained potting soil and put the plant at the area with temperatures below 65 F degree.

Aglaonema Commutatum Variegata


The one of perennial plants,  Aglaonema Commutatum Variegata can find in the Philippines, northeastern Celebes. The leaves of this plant have gold/yellow and green. The foliage has glossy surface and this plant can grow in deep shade or partial shade.

Aglaonema Silver Bay


Perfect for office or room,  Aglaonema Silver Bay has large leaves and lush plants. The pattern of leaves looks soft and matte. Easy caring, you can water this plant while the soil get quite dry before completely drenching it again. Then, put the plants in bright, medium, or low light, as long as it's direct that can help thrive the plants.

Aglaonema Super White


Has unique foliage, this Chinese evergreen type can tolerate being far from a window and light source.  Aglaonema Super White is sensitive to dry soil and should be watered frequently. The plants need 0.8 cups of water every 7 days.

Aglaonema Red Star


Aglaonema Red Star is a new hybrid with striking bright red leaves. This plant can tolerate low light conditions.  Aglaonema Red Star is a slow grower and can grow up to 1.20 m tall. To assure the best coloration, keep it in a bright spot with indirect sunlight.

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