7 Science Backed ZZ Plant Benefits You Should Know!

 Homiful.com - ZZ plant or Zamioculcas zamiifolia is a versatile plant that perfect for houseplant. Or you can place the plants at office that can increase the vibes and make fresh. Then, look these 7 Science Backed ZZ Plant Benefits You Should Know. Check it out!

Removes Pollutant


Not only have good look, ZZ plant can help to cleaning the pollutant that any at indoor. By NASA Clean Air Study, this plant can absorb pollutants such as xylene, carbon dioxide, and toluene that surrounding air.

Gorgeous for Tabletop Plant


Besides has many benefits, ZZ plant can use as decoration at indoor area. You can put the ZZ plant at tabletop in your office or room. And you can also use large plant to make bold statement at your rooms.

Requires Less Watering


To be known, ZZ plant suitable for busy people. It's because ZZ plant not needy water as most of other plants. Just watering the plant once every 3-4 weeks. The swollen underground rhizomes of ZZ plant resemble potatoes.

Best Feng Shui Option


Bringing ZZ plant at indoor is an excellent feng shui. You can place the plants at Southeastern, Southern, and Eastern corner. It can bring protective and purifying energy at home.

The One of CAM Plant


Following Crassulacean Acid Metabolism, ZZ plant can consume CO2 even the sun is down. And this is capability to perform a particular type of photosynthesis. So, you can put ZZ plant at bedroom or other spot that has low light.

Has Traditional Medicinal Uses


Besides has benefit to absorb pollutant and increase room look, ZZ plants has medicine benefit. The leaves can use to cure stomach ailments. And the roots of ZZ plants rich with steroid, polyphenolic, flavonoid, and triterpenoid. Then, the extract and juice can use to treat ear-ache in Tanzania.

Adaptable with Nature


Adapting with nature, is a reason why ZZ plant popularity as houseplant. The plant can grow well both high and low light condition. And it's suitable to that placed at indoor and outdoor.

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