7 Railing Planter Ideas For Balcony Gardeners

Homiful.com -- Every balcony must have a railing for a safety reason. The balcony railing will be more beautiful if you fill it with a variety of refreshing plants and flowers. For this reason, you need a railing planter that can support plants well. There are many choices of railing planter designs and ideas for your balcony, even for a small balcony. Find some ideas that are right for you in 7 Railing Planter Ideas For Balcony Gardeners!

Pink flamingo railing planter


Got a small balcony? It's never a problem to have a fresh and stunning balcony. Dress up the railing with a railing planter in a pink flamingo design like this. This railing has a design that can make you put it on an elongated railing surface. There, you can grow what you love and let it make the small balcony even more stunning.

Unique planter for railing corner


The railing that forms an angle looks stiff without anything on it. Having a plant container design that is perfectly designed for the railing corner will give the balcony a fresh and stylish look. The bigger the size, you can plant it with a variety of low plants like this.

Lechuza self-watering planter


Brighten up your balcony with a stunning balcony railing planter. This railing planter has ID: Lechura Self-Watering Planters. Minimalist box planter design with self-watering feature, which provides the amount of water the plants need inside. Railing planter with blooming flowers, surely, it will make your balcony more perfect.

DIY bamboo railing planter


It's time to get creative to get the railing planter for you! You can use the remaining bamboo stems to be planters on the balcony. Make it as simple as this, but make sure you have enough water holes to prevent the roots from rotting. Provide an iron hook with a curved accent like this, to hang it on the railing.

DIY rain gutter planter


To make the planter extend along the balcony railing, you can make it from rain gutters and railing hooks. Make a railing hook from a shaped and sturdy strip of iron plate to hang the rain gutter as a planter. Then, paint the rain gutter and railing hook according to your taste. This would be a great planter railing idea on a balcony.

Colorful railing planter


Colorful railing planters make the perfect accent for your balcony. These will make your balcony brighter. You can choose ready-made planter box railings in bright colors that you like. They are perfect for placing potted plants.

Tiered balcony planter box


Finally, this tiered planter railing is good for those of you who want to get a tiered planter. Made of thick wood planks with a smooth finishing look.  This tiered balcony planter box is suitable for you to use as a place to put succulent plants in small pots.

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