7 Plants that Grow Without Sunlight

7 Plants that Grow Without Sunlight

Homiful.com -- Decorating a house with green plants will indeed have a positive impact on the mind and the room. With easy care, you can choose some ornamental plants with easy growth to grow even without insufficient lighting. If you have a room with less light, this is good luck. And some lists of these plants are as follows:




Is a tropical plant that grows well without bright light, philodendron has several varieties that you can choose from. This plant is not only easy to grow in the soil, you can divert its growth with an easy water method to grow its roots.

Snake plant


One of the plants that can grow without maximum lighting is the snake plant. It has a unique leaf shape like a sword and is perfect as a room decoration at home. Snake plant is still a succulent family that likes watering not too often. Be aware that this plant will rot easily when the soil is too wet.



Still with the types of plants that grow without bright light, bromeliads perfectly complement the corners of empty rooms with beautiful colors. This tropical plant will bloom in a variety of beautiful colors that love minimal shade and light.



Next are houseplants that grow in general and become large varieties, ideal for tables or corners of the room. This plant that can withstand low light conditions has a unique leaf shape and tapering at the ends.

Boston Fern


Known as a fern plant that thrives in humid and low light areas. This plant is suitable for you to bring into a room at home with low light and dark. Apart from being only for the main room at home, humid areas such as the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room are the perfect place to be.

Golden Pothos


If you know pothos plants, maybe this is one of the luck you have. This easy-to-grow air purifying plant without bright sunlight is easy to care for. A plant that does not die easily and is also commonly known as Devil's ivy and perfect for dark room interiors.



It is a type of calathea that was chosen as an indoor plant and is the target of collectors. This plant tends to grow with a curved shape and points up towards the sky at night. This plant requires a bit of care that is quite complicated, but  still grows well when given maximum attention.

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