7 Plants that Can Absorb CO2 Effectively

7 Plants that Can Absorb CO2 Effectively

Homiful.com -- Good air quality is an important role in terms of the health of every creature and the continuity of daily activities. Therefore, choosing a good plant to absorb CO2 you need to choose in order to reduce pollution in the room. The list of these plants will be explained in the following review:



Epipremnum aureum is known to be one of the low-maintenance air purifying plants. This plant is also very efficient to help absorb CO2 in an enclosed space. Besides pothos, there are also spider plants and snake plants, which have the same function for absorbing pollutants in the air.

Jade plant


Jade plants offer many benefits, one of which is that they can absorb CO2 even at night and help improve indoor air quality. This plant will carry out photosynthesis during the day through the Calvin cycle.



The beautiful and beautiful flowers of this Anthurium plant have been carefully examined to be able to absorb CO2 from the air to the maximum. Anthurium Andreanum, which is usually not very useful, can now be placed in a closed room.



Then there is the Dieffenbachia plant, which can also help the air quality in the room to be fresher. Because this plant can absorb carbon dioxide efficiently and maximally in an enclosed space.



Next is a beautiful plant with a beautiful leaf pattern, which is commonly called a prayer plant or maranta leuconeura. Plants that can absorb CO2 in a closed room have been tested by researchers. It can work best when the light intensity is increased for effective CO2 absorption.

Snake plant


Snake plant is an ornamental plant that can absorb CO2 well in a closed area. You can bring this plant into the room, and it is very effective in terms of reducing CO2 levels in the air in the room.

Ficus elastica


Rubber tree or ficus elastica is a type of plant that is effective in reducing CO2 in the surrounding environment. Besides being a room plant, you can put it in the yard of the house, which also makes the air much cleaner and healthier to breathe.

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