7 Plants Hard to Kill

7 Plants Hard to Kill

Homiful.com -- The perfect interior, this backyard using plants is one of the right solutions to try. Besides being easy and can provide benefits to the owner, choosing ornamental plants that are difficult to kill will be suitable for those of you who are super busy. In addition, plants can also provide a natural way to formaldehyde, ammonia and toluene in the air. Some of these plants you can see in the following list:

Ficus elastica


Rubber tree plants can grow and thrive in low light conditions with missed watering. These large, layered leaves only need to be cleaned occasionally. You don't need to do frequent watering and only schedule when the soil is dry.

Spider plant


Next is a plant that is difficult to kill by having small leaves hanging down. Spider plant are very beautiful when planted in hanging baskets and receive indirect light. Drought-resistant plants for up to several weeks still survive for a long time.

Snake plant


The right plant to be used as a room decoration and has easy maintenance is a snake plant. With easy maintenance, you can ignore linger and irregular watering. Grows tall over time, this plant is enough to be watered once a week until the time comes, this plant will flower.

Lucky bamboo


Among the plants that have easy care and are used as plants that bring sustenance are luckily bamboo. This plant has a fairly extra care, but its resistance to all weather can be an option as an ornamental plant. You can plant it with a very easy water propagation method.



For plant lovers with colorful and long-lasting leaves, aglaonema is the choice. This beautiful plant that is great for containers or yard is slow growing. You can place this plant in an area with bright or low light. Humidity is a very popular thing, so even 2 weeks of dry watering can keep it afloat.



With easy care, pothos plants don't even need to be planted in the ground. You can improve plant propagation by water propagation, which only needs to be changed once a week. Even by skipping watering, this plant will survive eve in dark rooms.

Dracaena marginata


The very attractive plant can be grown as a tree crop and is drought tolerant. This dracaena likes moderate light and is suitable for the interior of a room that gets partial light. Even is placed indoors, this plant can grow up to 6 feet tall and even more.

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