7 Plant that Grow in the Dark

7 Plant that Grow in the Dark

Homiful.com -- Ornamental plants can live and thrive with light for good growth. But overall, there are some plants that can grow in a dark room. If you are interested in these plants, see the list in the review below:



Bromeliads, which are air purifiers, are still in the same family as pineapple and have several varieties. This plant can grow easily and easy care, even if it has to be in a dark and low light room.

Iron plant


Next is the iron plant, which is a difficult plant to kill. This plant can grow in neglect, even in low light. It has a long growth rate and spring is a great time to plant it.



Philodendron is an ornamental plant that grows natively in dense forest, with fresh green leaves that are tolerant of low light spaces. With low maintenance, this plant does not need watering and do watering ten times a day.



Pothos is also one of the plants that are hard to kill and easy to care for. This plant is good for indoor low light tolerant interiors. Do watering once a week or when the soil is completely dry.

Spider plant


The next plant that is difficult to kill is the spider plant. This plant can thrive in areas with low light to complete darkness. Spider plant can help produce oxygen at night, so the air will be clean during the day.

Peace lily


Peace lilies are beautiful plants that can brighten up a dark room. This plant does not like direct light, so it is suitable as an indoor plant. Because of this plant, if exposed to too much sun, will burn the leaves and flowers.



This prayer or maranta plant comes from the tropical forests of Brazil, which has beautiful and patterned leaves. This plant will fold at night and does not like direct bright light, so it is ideal as an indoor plant.

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