7 Plant that Easy to Grow In Water

7 Plant that Easy to Grow In Water

Homiful.com -- Soil is an important part of growing plants. Beside being easy to find, plants that are in growth with soil have some problems enough to make it difficult for gardens to overcome them. Therefore, growing ornamental plants in water is the right process to form new roots with moisture and accelerate their growth. With the water method, you no longer need to clear dirt from damaged pots or do any more repotting. Some list of plants you can see in the review below:

Snake plant


A plant that is hard to kill and very tolerant of different weather conditions is the snake plant. Snake plant has fast growth even if in plant by water propagation method. You can cut the leaves a few inches and then place them directly in the water without over-treating them.



Next there are plants that are easy to grow and difficult to die even if they are very neglected. It is a pothos that easily grows in water and very quickly to form new roots. This plant is not very fussy about lighting, but you can make sure to change the water every 4 - 6 weeks.



This colorful leafy plant can grow fast even in water. A plant that you can cut into several parts and give fertilizer every month for best result.



In addition, there are calathea plants that easily grow in water with long roots. Although this plant is often planted in the ground, you can place it in a medium glass and change the water several times every 3 - 4 weeks.



One of the most popular types of vines with different varieties and unique features that can grow in water easily. Choosing syngonium for ornamental plants is the right choice. You can take good care of this plant, and it can be a room decoration at home.



Tradescantia is a popular plant with unique colors, and attractive stripes unlike any other houseplant. This plant has long roots and can thrive in water without rotting. Place in high dark filled with filtered water and adjust between room temperature.

Philodendron Pink 


The next type of plant that can grow easily in the water is the philodendron. This easy-to-grow plant and excellent care will have absolutely no trouble for novice houseplant lovers. Place into a larger glass according to the stem.

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