7 Our Favorites Fittonia Types | Nerve Plant Varieties

Homiful.com -- Fittonia is a tropical plant that has exotic foliage. The leaves have a variety of colors from shades of pink, green to red. As the name implied, the dark green leaves with pink, red and white veins, it will remind you of a multi-veined nervous system. Fittonia has tiny leaves, this is also a great small plant for filling a tabletop, terrarium, and even hanging baskets.

There are several types of fittonia, but you need to know 7 which are really our favorites. Here are 7 Our Favorites Fittonia Types | Nerve Plant Varieties.

Fittonia 'Fortissimo'


Fittonia 'Fortissimo' is also known as Bubble Red. They look as fresh with deep green leaves with pink-red veins. You can place them on a white pots to make the plant look so adorable. It will brighten up the small table in your home with its leafy beauty. This small plant prefers moist soil, but not wet and soggy soil.

Fittonia 'White Anne'


You will fall in love with the exoticism of the White Anne nerve plant. This houseplant has leaves that are almost entirely white rather than green. Its dark green leaves are almost covered by leaf veins in white. This plant has very thin and fragile roots, so be extra careful when repotting the plant.

Fittonia Mini Red Vein


This is the nerve plant Fittonia argyroneura. This fittonia has a striking dark reddish-pink hue with mainly olive green foliage. Make the plant get an amazing leaf pattern and color. They will grow well in a terrarium or hanging basket. The fittonia mini red veins need high humidity with low light condition.

Fittonia 'Frankie'


There are also nerve plants with foliage colors that tend to be more pink than green. It's a fittonia 'Frankie' plant. Frankie has adorable pink foliage with dark green edges. The leaves are open, almost forming a rosette with 4 beautiful leaves. It's a perfect plant to fill a shady corner in your home.

Fittonia 'White Brocade'


As the name implies, this type of Fittonia 'White Brocade' looks elegant and beautiful with a combination of green leaves decorated with white veins.  These little plants will give a splash of freshness to your dark space, as they love low light too. When the plant gets too much sunlight, it will make the leaves turn brown.

Fittonia 'Forest Flame'


Almost like Fittonia Frankie in dominant pink foliage, the difference is Fittonia 'Forest Flame' has a rose pink foliage with green-wavy edges. This plant is also known as Pink Painted Net Leaf' Forest Flame' or Pink Forest Flame Mosaic Plant. It is also a small houseplant that easy to care.

Fittonia 'Grey Sensation'


Fittonia 'grey sensation' is the type of fittonia we like the most. This plant has leaves in a grayish-green hue with striking red veins. The leaves feature an eye-catching mosaic. The plant prefers medium light condition with high humidity. Keep them in moist soil with regular watering.

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