7 Nicest Rooftop Garden Ideas | Best Rooftop Gardens

Homiful.com -- No need to be confused about having a fresh garden, even if you live in a densely populated area. A rooftop garden or rooftop terrace is one way to get your dream fresh garden. It can be anything you want, as an outdoor lounge, place to take care of plants and more. The idea of having a rooftop garden will make the roof area more beautiful and still functional.

Before you begin to build one, or you just want to enjoy the rooftop garden design around the world, you can take a look at these 7 Nicest Rooftop Garden Ideas | Best Rooftop Gardens.


Small yet stunning rooftop garden 


It doesn't matter if you only have a small rooftop terrace. You can make it as stunning as this rooftop design. The limited space still looks optimal with the star patterned tile floor. In it, you can put furniture for you to sit back and relax there. Tips, choose furniture that's light and sleek, so you can take it to the rooftop. Rattan or any wooden furniture is a good idea. 

Clean and fresh rooftop gardens


Somehow, this rooftop gardens look simple, but nice arrangement makes the rooftop look so delightful. The wood deck flooring is accented with stripes, so it's great a idea to highlight outdoor seating in this stylish form. You don't need excessive decorations anymore, as the plantscape liven up the rooftop garden atmosphere.

Built a pergola


Rooftop gardens like this are perfect for you to do outdoor activities with your family and friends. You can use its wide size to place many features, such as a grill stove, dining table and chairs, and a corner pergola. You can make a fresh pergola that ages nicely, as a shade for a corner seat. The wisteria that fills the pergola will beautify it.


Add a vertical garden and water feature


Just imagining being here, the fresh and airy atmosphere in this rooftop garden can be felt. The small size land is not a problem to get the nicest rooftop garden. The lower area is set up either by using synthetic grass and wooden decks. There is still space to place a water feature, be it a fountain or fishpond. Liven up the garden atmosphere by designing a shady and lush vertical garden.


Make it a plant base-camp


Use empty land to become a small garden for you to plant and care for plants. If the garden design is open without shade, it's a good idea to place plants that are suitable for the outdoor weather where you live, whether plants that like sunlight all time or not. Check here for the recommendations: 7 sun-loving houseplants that can take the heat.

Make it have a pleasant evening vibe


Get your space designed as well as this rooftop garden. Make the rooftop terrace get a pleasant evening vibe. Install a few lights around the rooftop garden. You can use pendant light, light stick, and spotlights. Choose a lamp with the effect you want to look like.

Covered rooftop garden


Usually the rooftop is made open, with low walls or railings that allow you to see the outside scenery to the fullest. However, if you don't like it, you can make a more closed rooftop garden design like this one. The walls are made high which makes it like a large open green space.

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