7 Nicest and Stylish Rooftop Garden Ideas

7 Nicest and Stylish Rooftop Garden Ideas

Homiful.com -- With a smart strategy, you can try to arrange a roof garden by expanding he's planting and maximizing the area appropriately that is environmentally friendly. Some of the best ideas and designs you can see in the following 7 lists:


Dining area on the roof garden with ventilation


This idea is very interesting to be a relaxing place, dining room and all activities about plantations. You can maximize a fairly large are for planting ornamental plants or your vegetable garden, which gives the impression of being environmentally friendly.

Rooftop garden with a bunch of festive styles


The next idea will certainly give a perfect effect of the roof garden at home. Several sets of sofas, benches and colorful designs that can be very eye-catching. You can add this roof garden with some interesting features, such as a garden spot to a collection of ornamental flowers lined up neatly.

Vegetable garden with sturdy pegs


So that your roof garden feels like a home garden and becomes an area that is always visited every week. Take it a step further with a rooftop garden that utilizes sturdy stakes for vines like this one. 

Regular roof garden


The size of the roof garden, that seems small, is not a problem. You can use some vertical garden accents with vegetable plants that stand to be pergola accents to vines. Add another model that uses a hanging container.

Add a bed of plants and shrubs


The roof garden is perfect if you apply the concept of an oasis that is dry like a desert. This idea can be brought to the roof garden of the house by providing a bed that is plotted in the corner using ornamental plants to flowering shrubs.

Prepare with container garden


With the arrangement and use of the roof garden as a private garden. You can choose herbs and vegetables that are neatly arranged using garden containers. This place is perfect because the optimal light availability is received without shade.

Special treat with container roof garden


This stylish idea is perfect for you to bring to the roof garden of the house with a large container that also becomes a plant bed. Some plots of vines you can set with a pole for supports according to the types of plant.

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