7 Must-Know Tips For Caring For Your Houseplants During The Winter

 Homiful.com - To be known, winter is quiet season in the garden because most outdoor plants aren't doing much. Of course, you can care the plants in winter to helps them grow well, healthy, and thriving. Then, look these 7 Must-Know Tips For Caring For Your Houseplants During The Winter. Check it out!

Cut Back on Watering


Winter means less light and of course less light means less water. With the condition of winter limited sunlight, plants use less water than they do when actively growing in spring and summer. It causes that more sunlight a plant receives, the thirstier it will be over time. 

So, in winter, you can check the soil with finger. Poke your finger at least an inch into soil. If it's dry, water the plant thoroughly. And if it's moist, wait for more days and check the soil again.

Pay Attention to Sunlight


In winter, the sun comes up later and sets earlier. So, it makes the plants receive less sunlight. You can move the plants closer to windows to take the advantage of as much light as possible. Rotate pots a quarter turn each week to ensure all sides of your plants get sunlight from time to time.

Don't Worry with Dropped Leaves


It's normal for the plants that dropped some leaves. The plants that bringing from outside into inside normal to drop more leaves. It's a way of preparing for lower light levels at inside. But, if your plants stay inside year-round, a small amount of leaf drop coming into winter is normal too.

Avoid Temperature Extremes


Regularly temperature at home are fine for most houseplants. But extreme changes in temperature, even for a short time, can cause problems. You can keep the plants away from cold drafts, radiators, and hot air vents.

Pause for Fertilizer


In winter, most houseplants rest and grow very little. So, you can pause to require fertilizer because they are not producing new leaves and stems. And you can resume again to fertilize the houseplants in spring as plants receive more sunlight.

Up the Humidity


Most houseplants grow best when the humidity levels between 40 - 50%. But, in winter, the humidity levels typically 10 - 20% inside homes. Then, you can ramp up the humidity around plants to cluster them together. Water evaporating from the potting soil, as well as water lost naturally through the leaves, will raise the relative humidity right around your plants.

Keep Foliage Clean


Take the advantage of winter with clearing dust and grime from the foliage. You can make clean with microfiber dusting gloves or give the whole plant a quick rinse in the shower to make short work of cleaning off foliage.

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