7 Most Unique & Trendy Snake Plant Varieties

Homiful.com -- Snake plant is one of the most favorite indoor plants that you can grow at home. They have a characteristic, unique and pointed leaf shape. There are many varieties of snake plants that you can choose according to your needs and all of them look stunning. If you are a novice gardener who wants to grow a plant, snake plant is the best choice. To add references, we have collected the 7 most unique & snake plant varieties below. Let's look at the full review!

1. Snake plant Siam silver


Siam Silver is one of the varieties Snake plant with the Botanical name Sansevieria zebra siam Silver. They have a characteristic silver-green color of leaves with beautiful shades of stripes. Suitable for use as a room decoration.

2. Snake Plant Blue Kew


Sansevieria trifasciata Blue Kew is a unique and beautiful plant. They are varieties of snake plants. Blue kew, has a beautiful appearance of leaves with prickly tips. The edges of the leaves also look wavy, which adds to their beauty.

3. Whale Fin


Snake plant further has the Botanical name Sansevieria masoniana Whale Fin. As the name implies they have leaves with a shape similar to Whale fins. You can grow them two or more according to the available capacity of the pot.

4. Sansevieria Moonshine


Sansevieria moonshine is an elegant and charming varieties of snake plant. They have leaves of vertical shape with a beautiful pointed top. Moreover, the color o their also looks soft with green shades with stunning silver accents.

5. Sansevieria coppertone


At first glance, the appearance of snake plant Coppertone look unique and eye-catching. They have the Botanical name Sansevieria kirkii coppertone. The predominance of the sparkling color of the lease becomes of gorgeous 

6. Snake plant Samurai


The above plant is Sansevieria ehrenbergii Samurai. The varieties snake plant samurai are very eye-catching. They have leaves that grow uniquely like samurai. You can combine it with a terracotta pot to be used as a room table sweetener.

7. Sansevieria Sayuri


Snake plant sayuri is one  of the unique and rare varieties. Sayuri, offers the beauty of beautiful silver gray leaves. They also have charming shades of leaves. And it turns out that they can also grow easily, suitable for you novice gardeners.

Those are the 7 most unique & trendy snake plant varieties. Hopefully, the information above is useful.

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