7 Most Unique & Trendy Snake Plant Varieties

7 Most Unique & Trendy Snake Plant Varieties 

Homiful.com -- Snake plant is a type of succulent that grows both indoors and outdoors as one of the favorite ornamental plants. A  plant known for its various varieties with lance-shaped leaves and yellow on flat leaves. This tropical plant also has good benefits when placed indoors, one of which is for air purification and substitute for clean air in the room, you can see some of its varieties of the review below:

Snake plant trifasciata robusta


Snake plant that grows in clusters like cypress has green leaves mixed with gray with a stripe pattern. This plant that can reach a height of about 60 cm is very fond of outdoors or indoors area and is resistant to infrequent watering.

Sansevieria Trifasciata Laurentii


Sansevieria trifasciata laurentii plant is a popular annual cultivar and is often owned by many people. Grows to about 60 - 120 cm with wide yellow leaves. This plant will flower in summer or fall, place it in the corner area of the room to give a real fresh effect.

Sansevieria Pinguicula Variegated


Next is the snake plant, which is often called the dracaena plant. This smaller and shorter succulent type variegate has stunted erect leaves. Each leaf has a wide channel that forms with a perfect and beautiful blend of green, yellow, silver colors.

Sansevieria Cylindrica


This snake plant with thick, tube-like leaves and very long is usually also called a boncel snake plant. This plant grows with thick flesh that can be about 2 meters high and forms a fan on the leaves. This container plant is perfect as an indoor plant or can be modified with braids to grow like a natural fan.

Sansevieria Bantel's


This famous plant originating from West Africa is known as Sansevieria Bantel. It has grass green leaves with light green and white stripes on the leaves. This plant likes partial shade to full sun, which is drought tolerant.

Sansevieria Masoniana Variegated


The following plant is also known as the Congo Mason, which has wide attr,active leaves. Dominant white color with an oval shape, this plant can grow up to 1.2 meters with beautiful variegation with semi succulent appeal.

Sansevieria Moonshine


This attractive snake plant with pale, silver green and spear-shaped leaves is called sansevieria moonshine. Plants that are easy to grow and care for and tolerate most indoor conditions with low light, short, sword-like leaves that are perfect for an office desk.

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