7 Large Houseplants for Beginners that Grow Easily

7 Large Houseplants for Beginners that Grow Easily

Homiful.com -- In some cases, having small ornamental plants is very pleasant and easy to care for. But plants with large size for every home are also beautiful to fill the corners with the room or just as a statement that plants also deserve to be placed in the room. There are various types of tall plants with large size that you can make your favorite choice, see the reviews below:



The plant that is easy to grow tall in the room is the dracaena. This plant is perfect for beginners or those of you who are very busy. Likes low light because the full sun of the roots burns the leaves. Dracaena is drought tolerant, so you don't need to water it too often.

Birds of Paradise


The bird of paradise is definitely a favorite among all. This tall indoor plant will make the interior feel tropical and easy to maintain. This plant is very adaptable to low light or bright soil conditions that are moist and not so wet.

Monstera Deliciosa


Monstera is not just a tropical rain plant. This plant can grow in a room with a high size and can actually be large scale. A tropical plant that grows faster and tends to grow in pots by creeping and elongating.

Ficus Lyrata


Ficus lyrata is also a tall indoor plant and can grow large. This plant is easy to care for, which you can fix with the right watering time. Place it in an area that gets direct sunlight in the morning and make sure to pay attention to lighting every day, because this plant needs bright light.

Peace lily


Peace lily is also a plant that is suitable for  beginners because it is easy to care for. This plant will really grow when it is mature with careful care. In addition, with regular care, this plant will get beautiful flowers that will bloom in certain.

Pachira Aquatica


Pachira aquatica or commonly called the money tree can grow like a tree but with a small size, but can be large when properly cared for. This plant from Mexico to South America can grow up to 18 meters. This plant is also often called the lucky tree.

Fish tail palm


Fishtail is a type of palm plant with leaf shape like fishtail. This plant likes light, well-draining soil. In addition, this plant can grow well in hot environments and tolerate humidity.

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