7 Indoor Plants that Help Kill Viruses and Bacteria

7 Indoor Plants that Help Kill Viruses and Bacteria

Homiful.com -- Buying and caring for plants can make you learn new things besides the virtual world that is not real. It's the same as during a pandemic, more activities at home are done, and you can rethink this to take care of plants so that life becomes fresher and free from stress. Some ornamental plants are believed to be able to remove excess benzene and pollutants. You can see a list of these plants in the following review:




Pothos is an ornamental plant that is liked by many people because it is easy to care for and does not die easily. You can enjoy the beauty of this plant that can be used as a hanging plant when it thrives. With benefits that are quite influential on the environment, this plant can purify the air and also dispel bacteria and viruses in the room.

Spider plant


Next up are spider plants that are most adaptable and grow in a variety of rooms. This plant that does not die easily has a pointed leaf shape with green and white colors. In addition, this plant is very easy for beginners.

Snake plant


Of the many plants, the snake plant is one of the mandatory plans in the plant. Because of its easy care and growth, this plant has several benefits for the environment such as being effective against allergies, removing  pollutants, absorbing CO2 at night.

Bamboo palm


Bamboo palm is great for being an indoor plant that will bring a tropical feel to the room. This plant, which is almost similar to oil palm, is a plant that removes benzene, formaldehyde and trichloroethylene.

Boston fern


Boston fern plant, which has lush green leaves and is very moisture-loving. This plan is considered to be the best air purifying plant and can cleanse the house of harmful toxins.

Peace lily


Peace lilies are known for their beautiful flowers. Besides being considered only as a decorative plant, this plant has the ability to fight toxic gases such as formaldehyde and carbon monoxide. It is a relatively easy plant to care for with schedule watering.

Rubber tree


Rubber plants are very easy to grow, even just left without regular watering every day. This plant can tolerate dim light and cold temperatures, which can be used as an indoor plant. With the benefits of being able to remove chemical toxins from the environment. This plant is also very appropriate for beginners who love ornamental plants.

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