7 Impressive Purple Plants For Your Garden

Homiful.com -- Purple is one of the most favorite colors of the year. This color also symbolizes the impression of luxury and elegance. Especially if it is added to your home garden. Of course, they will look in harmony, with the refreshing shades of greenery.
Presenting plants, is one wat to beautify and soothe the atmosphere of the house.
If you are purple lovers, and interested in growing purple plants. Here are 7 impressive purple plants for your garden. Let's see the full review below!

1. Coleus blumei


One of the plants with the prettiest leaves is Coleus. They have many varieties, and all of them look beautiful. Coleus blumei has a purple leaf color and a a stunning combination of magenta colors. This plant will make your home even more beautiful.

2. Purple Oxalis 


Purple oxalis has the Botanical name Oxalis violacea. People sometimes refer to it as a butterfly plant. Due to the shape of the leaves that are similar to butterflies. They have low care with leaves of exotic color.

3. Cordyline Fruticosa


Another purple plant that attracts attention is Cordyline fruticosa or Ti plant. They have a characteristic purple-colored leaves with an elegant pattern. You can grow this plant in a pot or front yard.

4. Rex Begonia


Another plant with exotic leaves is Rex begonia. They have leaves of color, and a beautiful pattern The combination of purple and silver gray looks beautiful. Suitable for use as a home decoration.

5. Caladium


One of the popular plants is Caladium. They have many varieties with a gorgeous color. A distinctive feature that stands out is that the shape of their leaves is similar to a beautiful heart. Not only that, but their leaf patterns also look stunning.

6. Tradescantia zebrina


They are known by another name, Wandering jew. Tradescantian zebrinas get a lot of love for their beauty. They have characteristic leaves that look unique, with a purple color at the bottom. While at the top there is a beautiful pattern.

7. Purple passion


This plant with purple leaves looks stunning. Their leaves have fluffy feathers of gorgeous purple shades. White the combination of dark green leaves also makes the appearance of the plant even more exotic.

Those are 7 impressive purple plants for your garden. Hopefully, the information above can be useful.

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